Saturday, June 17, 2017

Oh, what a relief it is

Thanks to Ronnie over at As Time Goes By for this idea.
In one of her recent posts, she said: "Just about every day I get an email or two promising to show me how I can increase my income by growing my blog audience on Twitter or Facebook."

When I started writing my blog in 2010, I was writing for my grandson, who I hope one day will read this and begin to understand what his grandfather was like, what I thought, what I valued and what I stood for at this time. Over time, the readership started to grow, little by little more and more people were finding my words and were reading them. I have a small reading when compared to many others for which I am glad. Every now and then I will get the same email as Ronnie did or I will get a phone call from a website writer who wants me to become an "influencer"--whatever that is. I listen to them and then send them any information they would like to have, and then I don't hear back. The young are looking for others who will influence the young. My audience is not young, not old mind you, but not in the demographics the advertisers want to reach.

When I have talked to my friends about this, they laugh and wonder why I don't take advantage of this world. I always respond with "My goal was never to make money on my blog, it was to reach my grandson, and others who like what I write, and stick around, that is great, but I won't take advantage of them by writing about or for specific products"

Oh, what a relief it is to not be bothered by the need for recognition or for money that I had when I was younger. I write every day about things that I enjoy, find interesting or strange and I am just happy that one or tow people find the time to read and every now and then give me feedback. 

I recently found a new social media platform/website called Beebee, that has huge interest and followers. I have taken to writing on this platform and find it to be very rewarding. The posts I have read on this site are interesting, the people engaged and the site is growing. If you are interested here is a link to my site on Beebee.

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