Saturday, December 3, 2016

Senoir Discounts

Tis the season for the giving of gifts, and I like many of you am on a budget, so I take advantage of any discounts I can get, and I use or try to use senior discounts. I remember a few decades back, and I was going in to get my driver's licence renewed and I was asked by the clerk what my hair color was and I said brown with a touch of grey. She laughed and put down grey. I was 36 at the time. 

I soon realised that with my grey hair, I was being offered senior discounts for various activities I went on, shopping, movies, etc. I was amused, and then a bit upset and then I gradually came to realise that I should and could take advantage of these while they last.

If I am not offered a senior discount, I now ask if the store has one and usually, they do. However, the time of the senior discount is fast coming to an end. There are just too many of us Boomers, Sonic or otherwise out there. 

A few years ago, there were not as many seniors and giving a discount was seen as a way of giving back to the few who survived to an older age. But with the Boomers reaching the senior discount age, stores and other facilities, that offer discounts are rethinking their position and many authors such as Ann Brenoff, writing at Huffington Post earlier this year, stated
”Seniors aren’t the poorest among us anymore. The national poverty rate, according to the 2014 Census, is 14.8 percent. For seniors 65 and older, it’s just 8.7 percent, while for children under 18 it was 21.1 percent. Maybe it’s children we should be offering discounts to?
As more of us age, you will start to see the off season for holiday resorts become shorter, Boomers who have retired can travel when we want and are no longer restricted to peak season. One of the joys of being a Boomer who is at the head of the curve is that I and my friends can and do take advantage of discounts offered and off seasons where prices are cheaper and there are fewer fellow tourists around. But my fear is that these perks of retirement will no longer be around for the younger boomers and the younger generations.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Raising grandchildren some resources and tips

Information for grandparents bringing up grandchildren, sometimes money is not what the adult children need, sometimes it is more of your time.

'When the children arrive': A resource book for kinship carers. Mirabel Foundation  A comprehensive guide covering all the issues, but particularly legal (Australian law not USA or Canadian law) and financial issues and offering contact information as well as information on the range of issues.

Grandfamilies: A resource guide for Western Australian grandparents raising grandchildren
An example of an excellent state resource and guide book.

Grandparents raising grandchildren: A compilation by About Seniors at Your Life Choices 
A concise guide to finding help with all the relevant issues, with contact information for support organisations and sources of legal and financial advice.

Grandparents caring for grandchildren: Grandparent advisers  Centrelink advises grandparents on the various financial supports that grandparents in different circumstances are entitled to. This is the major source of financial information and support for grandparents. The Centrelink website provides information on what is available, but a face-to-face interview is necessary to assess eligibility. There is also a list of the grandparent organisations in each state, with contact details.

Grandparents who spend regular time with their grandchildren

Below are some tips for service providers to assist grandparent who spend regular time with their grandchildren:

Make a list of community resources where grandparents and grandchildren can go in your local area and make it available to grandparents with whom you come in contact. 

Encourage your local council to print a brochure of resources and contact points for grandparents, as these differ from area to area.

The best source of company and support for grandparents who are providing regular care for preschoolers is playgroups, where grandparents and their grandchild can attend and meet grandparents and parents while the children play together. 

There are some 'grandparent only' playgroups, or grandparents support services can start one with the help of their state playgroup association.  Set up a grandparent support group for grandparents to get together. Depending on the need grandparents can meet regularly, occasionally, connect with each other by telephone and make their own decisions about what they want to do.

Children's story time at the local library - ring your local library for times.

Occasional care in community centres, neighbourhood houses, leisure centres, and some churches.

List and map the location of the local children's playgrounds as grandparents may be caring for grandchildren in the grandchild's home and not know where the best playgrounds are located. Note also where there are playgrounds which cater for children with disabilities.

Grandparenting education: Grandparents often want to know more about the way in which their grandchildren are being brought up and about discipline and child development as they feel that they are out of date. 

List sources of parenting information in your state or local area and find out if they run any grandparent groups. Groups for parents are not suitable for grandparents as their interests may conflict and grandparents can sound critical. 

Grandparents are usually particularly interested in issues of discipline (behaviour management) and child development. South Australia has a number of Parent Easy Guides on line which grandparents may find useful including No.12 Grandparenting (

Thursday, December 1, 2016

More Food Bank information

The information below is for my hometown, but I suspect that every area has events that will be held to support the Food Bank. Do a google search and check out the events in your area, you will have some fun and help your neighbours.

Check out the fun community events in December that are also a great way to donate to the SHARE Food Bank.  

We are excited to let you know about all the fun events happening that are giving back to SHARE this Holiday Season through collecting donations of food for the SHARE FOOD BANK.

Some of the usual events are back this year with a bunch of new ones being added to the list weekly!

Drop by our food drive, pop into Moody Ales for a fun Christmas concert and don't miss the CP Holiday Train! 

December 1st - December 30th | Port Coquitlam Christmas House 1642 Greenmount Avenue, Port Coquitlam

December 2nd - December 24th | Coquitlam Centre Gift Wrap and HolidayTree 
Get your presents wrapped for a donation to SHARE!

December 4th  | SHARE Joy Holiday Food Drive 
Save on Foods Austin Stn., Coquitlam | 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM 

December 4th | Klahanie Christmas Fair | Canoe Club, Klahanie Drive, Port Moody | 11am-2pm 

December 11th | Jingle Your Bells at Moody Ales, A Festive Concert! 
2601 Murray Street, Port Moody | 7pm-9pm 

December 16th  | Teddy Bear Toss | Poirier Rec Centre, Port Moody 
Puck drops at 7:00 PM 

December 17th | CP Holiday Train
Port Moody at 4:20 PM and Port Coquitlam at 5:45 PM

December 17th |  Wrestling For Hunger
Elks Lodge Port Coquitlam | Doors open at 7:00 PM 
Make sure to keep in touch through our Facebook page   for updates on the events and photos post events!  Our mailing address is:

SHARE Family & Community Services 
#200-25 King Edward St.
Coquitlam, Bc V3K 4S8 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Support your local foodbank

Support your local food bank. They serve many with very little resources. In my community, our food bank is one of many services SHARE provided our community. As many know, I was on the Board of Directors of SHARE for six years, and two years ago. I still support their work. Here is part of a report from SHARE as to what they do

Last year, 1,308 SHARE volunteers gave 45,231 hours of service in our community: that is like having a medium-sized business with 25 full-time employees doing nothing but good work in our Tri-Cities community, all year.

We know you are often asked to contribute your time and money to support a growing number of worthy causes. There is a great deal of important work that is being done by charities across BC, Canada and around the world. We would like to talk about the difference you make when you choose to support SHARE, where real change happens right here in your home community

SHARE has been serving our Tri-Cities community since 1972. We help people connect with each other, to engage with their community and to strengthen their lives by supporting them in moving forward. We make an important difference in the lives of local children, families, and seniors. We help people who are hungry, children reach developmental milestones, youth struggling with mental health issues, isolated seniors, newcomers and refugees who need settlement support, families who are in crisis and youth and adults struggling with addiction. We build strength in our fellow community members across the Tri-Cities community every day and with your support, we can ensure that this important work will continue.

Please consider making a contribution by visiting our website, just click on "GIVE NOW" button at the top right of the homepage and please pass this message along to others who may be able to help.

If you are already volunteering or if you have made a donation of food or funds, please accept our sincere gratitude for investing in the future of our friends, neighbours and families.

If you know someone who may need our help, please encourage them to visit

Thank you for considering an investment in our community. Your help makes a difference!